Winston S. De Lugo
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Win De Lugo demo reel



 Collector's cards from Star Trek TOS box set. Launched 2007.

star trek back

star trek front

Front (British)

Back (U.S)

Front (U.S.)

"PUSSYWHIPPED" - A work in progress. Every week we will post NEW clips in a "random" fashion for a purpose that will be revealed as we move along down the road to completion. Pass the word if you think it's fun.

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Winston wrapped his role of "the hunter" in Episode #3 of the new web series MOUNTAIN MAN.

Win wrapped his co-starring role in the action feature film "BLACK KNIGHT".

Win has a major co-starring role as a world renowned defense attorney in the feature film "UNFATHOMABLE".






 "Touching Down"

 (The feature film)




Worldfest 2006 - Sacramento Film Festival - Bare Bones F.F. - Methodfest - Longbaugh F.F.
WINNER - REMI Award 2006
WINNER - Best Picture
WINNER - Audience Award
WINNER - Best Actress
WINNER - Best First Feature
NOMINEE - Best Actress
NOMINEE - Best Breakout Performance
NOMINEE - Best Picture
NOMINEE - Best Original Music

Win De Lugo co-stars as Ted (the volatile father) in the independent feature "Touching Down",


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