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Could this be......what became of STAR TREK's "Timothy" Ep. 15, T.O.S.?!!?

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For info on the mother of all Star Trek books, "THESE ARE THE VOYAGES: An Episode-By-Episode History of the Original Star Trek" by writer Marc Cushman go to







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It's a miracle! And A World's First! Look Ma I'm in the Bible! The first Vampire in the Bible!

Stella; thank you for making Marc Cushman bring me back to life and put me in chapter 22, Volume 1 of "These are the Voyages - TOS: Season One."

Gene Roddenberry's son Rod says "This book is going to be the Bible to Star Trek and how it was made...."

Official publish date: AUG. 5th, 2013, part of a 3 volume set. Everything you want to know is on the publisher's site. Go to:

Book is now available for pre-publication sale. Order at

10% discount for all who order prior to July 31st.

Enter discount code: X08TMZRGTJV7

Marc Cushman will have a book signing for:
"These are the Voyages - TOS: Season One.", at the World's Largest Star Trek Convention; Las Vegas, Aug. 8 - 11, 2013

*Breaking News!*....Publishing Update! 3/19/13


If you think you know all there is to know about STAR TREK: The Original Series, think again!

“This is going to be the bible to STAR TREK…..” said Gene’s son; Rod Roddenberry.

Jacobs/Brown Press of San Diego will release the first of its’ epic three-volume set in June 2013. Monitor this publisher's link above for RELEASE DAY as well as locations!

Bulletin! 10/5/12

Rumor has it that the monster Star Trek book "THESE ARE THE VOYAGES" will be published in early December!!! Stay tuned!

Bulletin! 9/25/12

Rumors abound!! Regarding a publishing date! Once we determine it's solidity we'll post it here, perhaps as soon as Friday, Sept. 28th!

Ok! Welcome aboard!! The Indonesian Star Trek Community has put my letter about writing the publisher (of the new monster Star Trek book) on their wall! Nearly 5000 people "Like" their page on Facebook!

We're trying to get the Publisher to give us a release date before Christmas! I can only hope our letters pouring in will move the Publisher to action. It's been a very long and silent wait.

Check back here on Friday, Sept. 28th, as we hope to have confirmation of the publishing date at that time.

Update 5/25/12

$1 Trillion Starship Enterprise in 20 years? An engineer with 30 yrs of experience has put forth a timeline for how it can be done, according to Fox Van Allen's article which appeared on

But will Home Depot be selling Warp Drives by then, or will the budget limit the prototype to Impulse Engines and the speed of light?

Update 3/22/12

Bulletin: Marc Cushman says that his upcoming Star Trek book, "THESE ARE THE VOYAGES" is going to be released in three  volumes, one for each season. Book One, covering the making of the two pilots and the 28 additional episodes from Season One is planned for a summer release.  Book Two, covering Season Two, is scheduled for early fall.  Book Three, all about the Third Year of the original Star Trek, is promised to be out before Christmas

Each 400 page book will devote ten or more pages to each episode, taking us from the pitch to the story to the script to the casting to the filming to the editing and optical effects to the first airing, with reviews from that time; Nielsen ratings, fan letters, and recollections from those involved.  

Update 1/26/12

At the end of this month, January 2012, Marc Cushman expects to announce a hard date for publishing THESE ARE THE VOYAGES: Vol. #1, his detailed behind the scenes, study of the making of Star Trek - TOS. His editor is contacting Paramount and negotiating for photographs and other support. So check back here at the end of January.

Update 1/7/12

THERE'S LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!!! Marc Cushman has signed with Conlan Press to publish his epic telling of how the original Star Trek was made, title?, …THESE ARE the VOYAGES: An Episode-By-Episode History of the Original Star Trek. The publisher, Connor Cochran, is a huge Star Trek fan and wants to get Volume 1 out as quickly as possible, Mark expects an update by the end of January and may announce the publishing date THEN! Stay tuned, YES! And keep checking my TrekSpace blog and for the latest.

Update 12/09/11

Bulletin! I was just informed that the 900 page "Mother of All Star Trek Books" THESE ARE THE VOYAGES will be two books instead of one! Volume 1 will be the Pilots and first season of 29 episodes. Fortunately for me, the TOS episode "Courtmartial" (in which I play Lt. Timothy) will be in the first volume. Stay tuned, things are breaking fast!

Update 11/26/11

Woah! Blast off!! Just as Curiousity launches into space on its 9 month flight to Mars, Marc Cushman announced he's completed assembling his 900 page "Mother of all Star Trek books","THESE ARE THE VOYAGES: AN EPISODE-BY-EPISODE HISTORY OF THE ORIGINAL STAR TREK", way ahead of the December 13th target date!!!

He signs with his publisher next week...and then...??!?!?

Update 11/12/11

It's Alive!!! Pussywhipped001 lives! I got a car. Now I can get to Bill Kelly's edit studio in Burbank and we can fire up the machinery once again! It's been 7 months and 14 days since I woke to learn that two guys had plowed into my parked Beemer 2002 and destroyed it 100%, bringing our work almost to a standstill! That's the same Beemer we use in the movie also, so we have to find one just like it. Meanwhile, this $4500 VW Jetta will keep the show rolling, and Pearl White, who's been patiently waiting in the sewer (in full make-up yet!), can finally do her thing!! You'll definitely love her.

Update 10/12/11


OK! Here it is folks! Marc's TARGET date for completing his manuscript. On Dec. 13th (his sister's birthday) Marc Cushman intends to complete: "The Mother of all Star Trek books" THESE ARE THE VOYAGES: An Episode-By-Episode History of The Original Star Trek. (From making the first pilot through filming the last TOS episode!) A 900 page time machine! TO BE COMPLETED DEC. 13TH! And then...

Update 10/11/11


YES we got funded this week and finished the PUSSYWHIPPED 001 trailer!! Bill Kelly, the editor, posted it online last night at YouTube, and Vimeo. Check it out over there to the left.

Update 9/22/11


“The Mother of all Star Trek books” THESE ARE THE VOYAGES: An Episode-By-Episode History of The Original Star Trek", was on hold while writer Marc Cushman fulfilled a directing commitment. He’s back now, flying at warp speed to hit his target date for completion to deliver the full manuscript in December! This 900 page book is a time machine: You will fly through hundreds of memos from the Star Trek files. Production schedules/ratings/photos and fan letters turn this book into a time machine taking the reader back to the years 1964 through 1969 (from making the first pilot through filming the last TOS episode)!

Congratulations Star Trek TOS 45th Anniversary on September 8th, 2011!!

Update 8/19/11

What REALLY happened!: A friend emailed to ask if I’d lost interest my new short, PUSSYWHIPPED 001, as he saw no movement on our site. HELL NO!!!  On “The First Day of Spring”, 3/20/11 at 1:00am while I was home sleeping, 2 guys speeding in the rain, spun-out and crashed into my parked car…100% destroyed!!! The classic BMW 2002 seen in my film. Very difficult to replace.

Two police officers were passing, on the way to another call, about 1 minute after the crash and asked what happened. Both men said they lost control in the rain and spun-out (they destroyed 2 other cars also).  After avoiding his insurance co. for a month, he told his State Farm that “A hit and run driver struck him from behind, causing the  spin out…he no longer feared the police “almost” witnesses because he learned during his month hiding from State Farm (they left several messages, because I was calling them)  that “Los Angeles” officers don’t write up reports unless there is a crime or someone’s hurt in the accident. Next door in Burbank, yes reports, LA no reports. Since their car spun around and hit mine backwards, the tail end is too crumpled to tell if it was hit by another car. Brilliant!

Now he’s got his story for State Farm. Result? They didn’t give me a dime. They said they had to accept the client’s story. Convenient, and it saves them money. I checked again with the Police and they said, “He made no mention of a hit and run driver.” So; we could not move ahead on Pussywhipped until I could get a car because Bill (the editor & 2nd camera) lives in Burbank, CA and I am in Brentwood, CA. with some mountains in between.

The good news is; I’ve just acquired funding and we get rolling as soon as I get a car! Perhaps next week!?!!???


The first ever truly comprehensive, painstakingly detailed STAR TREK T.O.S. BOOK "These Are the Voyages: An Episode-By-Episode History of the Original Star Trek" will soon be boldly launched by writer Marc Cushman, in honor of STAR TREK'S upcoming 45TH ANNIVERSARY!!!

Update 7/24/11

A startling statistic! Marc Cushman is writing the mother of all Star Trek TOS books, These Are the Voyages (900 pages). He says, “Each of these episodes have been seen more times by more people around the world than any other TV show or motion picture.” !!! Wow, so, that’s what gave rise to The Trekkie Nation!

Update 7/4/11

SHOCKED...! While checking the end of month stats (on our website chart) for June we were anxiously hoping to move ahead by about 100 more people following for the month of June.We ended May with 594, so with much anxiety we prayed for an increase to 700+or -. However.......we were stunned by a jaw-dropping spike that more than doubled the 594 site visitors we had in the month of May! Thank all 1,464 of you!!! Remember the moment in Social Network, the movie, when they first reached 1000 Friends!.........Well,now we know a bit, how that moment must have felt....1,464 people. Up about 246% ? YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Update 6/20/11

Update 6/09/11

Quick, go to YouTube, click link below! Marc is interviewed about his NEW upcoming Star Trek TOS book!
"These Are The Voyages". Mark explains.........IN DETAIL!!!!!!

Watch on YouTube

Update 5/12/2011

Got a new email update from Marc Cushman on May 8th. He shared some more details about his upcoming 900 page book "These Are The Voyages", full of surprising behind the scenes stories and pictures from every Star Trek T.O.S. episode, which commemorates the 45th Anniversary of Star Trek!

Of his interview with me, he says "You are one of the voices that walk us through the production, taking us on a tour of makeup, the trailers, the set, with a look at Bill Shatner and Marc Daniels at work ... and your encounter with Shatner a few months later at the (Rain Check Room) actors' bar. Many good stories - and I love the part about Marc Daniels having you talk into his wiggling fingers! Delightful.