Winston S. De Lugo
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Mel and Win revel in booty

$700 million in Spanish treasure found by Mel Fisher (above w/Win) becomes "Dreams of Gold" film.

Scott and his new space cadet

Astronaut Scott Carpenter (with F.C.) making Documentary on NOAA's Sealab




Win De Lugo demo reel


Hugo devistates Est. 4-Y-3

After Star Trek, Mission Impossible and Dragnet, Win left L.A. in '69 to shoot his own movie at home, in the US Virgin Islands. Paradise almost killed him. A backer defaulted, it went belly up, one home burned down, and hurricane Hugo destroyed 2 more (were the gods telling him something?) before he landed parts in Weekend at Bernie's II (shot in 1 take), and (thanks to Star Trek), "Caribe", a short-lived Stacy Keach/Carl Franklin TV series.

Caribe Win, as the Lt. Governor, fires Lt. Logan (Stacy Keach) and Sgt. Walters (Carl Franklin) off the case, in an episode of Caribe (1975). The (Trekkie) director recognized Win from TOS Star Trek's "Courtmartial" episode and cast him instantly, as the Lt. Gov who speeds up to the dock, jumps from the still-moving limousine as it screeches to a stop, runs down the dock, jumps 3 feet onto a Coastguard Cutter that's pulling away, swings his legs over the railing, shoves his official
card in Stacy Keach's face and fires he and Franklin off the case. (Also 1 take.) The crew went wild. This enabled Win's 1993 return to Hollywood. ...Star Trek is magical, it still keeps throwing Win beautiful surprises.

"Watch my hand" is the line I remember most from my Star Trek scene with Shatner. (Win recalled) I was a naive N.Y. stage actor and was shocked to learn that in TV series the director is not in charge! The Director called "Action!" and standing at the bar, Shatner and I did 3 min of our scene when suddenly Shatner yells CUT! What?? An actor calling cut? He grabs Marc (the Director's) shirt and pulls him aside. I was sent to my trailer. What happened? Then Dr. McCoy said they were ready. Now Shatner was taller than my 6'3", I'm sitting and he's standing, but he can't hold my gaze, his eyes fill with tears 4 times! With him calling CUT...MAKEUP!!! Each time. Then he ran off for a very brief moment, returned and gave a letter-perfect performance while he was on camera and I was off. How?

Then they broke set to switch the camera around so I'd be the one on camera. Suddenly Shatner takes off across the sound stage like a man on a mission, slamming the fire door he disappears. I said where the f..... is he going? Director Marc Daniels says "Don't worry about him. I'll work with you Win." Oh great! I'll look even better (N.Y. stage thinking), the director knows the scene better than Shatner does! So, they call "Places!", the director moves over by this huge lens sticking in my face (Where's his script?... Wow, y'mean he's memorized it all?) and slips his arm under it, bringing it up on the other side of the lens. Wiggling his fingers, he says "Win watch my hand...". Stunned, I lock onto the fingers... "ACTION!!!"


Dip in the hot tub?





 Hurricane "Hugo" arrives on Win's
 birthday.  September, 1989


In the '60's, Win studied acting with Stella Adler in NYC. He was singled out for praise in the NY Times (11/23/64) by members of the Moscow Art Theatre, visiting NY to assess US understanding of Stanislavski's system. "This minor scene was genuine, realistic art that produced a great impression" said Torporkov, one of the 4 Russians who gave Win a mini standing ovation that night. Win was also appearing as gigolo Dirk on CBS's 1960's TV soap "Love of Life". While he was Assistant Mgr. at Rugoff's NYC Art Theater Chain, he opened "Dr. No", the first "Bond...James Bond" film. The house exploded when Bond said those words. Stomping, screaming and whistling, about 5 minutes!!! What a moment!

The Misfits

In 1965 he auditioned with 200 guys for 2 days, finally Alan Shayne cast him as a lead in ROYAL HUNT OF THE SUN. Alan said “Buy a bottle of wine & a steak and you and your wife celebrate, you’ll be co-starring on Broadway with Christopher Plummer!! Next morning Win learned that John Carradine’s son David Carradine was given his role! How? Who knows? Alan Shayne was furious, said he was as shocked as Win was and said he had given back his casting fees! These are known as "war stories".

…Win never found out how it was done. (Years later, chatting at the Carleton bar in Cannes, David said to Win,  “Oh, you’re the guy!!!). Obviously he knew he had been given someone else's role and just dicovered Win was the guy! So he invites him and his friends to his daughter's Birthday Party, (not quite Broadway with Christopher Plummer).Winston then landed a recurring TV role as D.A. battling with Peter Falk in a new series, “The Trials of O’Brien” but he missed the first day’s call when someone forgot to wake him. That did it…

Winston moved west. He appeared on stage at the Holmes Theater in LA in the quite successful "Zoo Story", which he directed, and "The Rainmaker" as Starbuck. While on TV he appeared in "Star Trek" TOS (later cancelled in its 3rd season, as a flop).

Later, Win worked on other notable Hollywood productions such as "Mission: Impossible", "Dragnet" etc. That's when he chose to shoot his own movie at home in the Virgin Islands. Total Disaster! (see above) However; Win and LA acting buddy Eric Matthews went on to found the highly successful U.S. Virgin Islands Film Commission (5th in USA).Bringing millions of dollar$ into the Virgin Islands by luring films, including "The Island of Dr. Moreau" (Burt Lancaster), "Four Seasons" (Alan Alda), "Christopher Columbus: The Discovery" (Brando), TV’s Miami Vice, several Charlie’s Angels and Love Boats plus hundreds of commercials.

Burt and Win talk shop
Burt Lancaster shares stories with the F.C. (Film Commissioner, Win) on set of Island of Dr. Moreau, 1976 St. Croix




The U.S. Virgin Islands' International Film Festival

Win initiated Atlanta Film Festival morph to the V.I.International Film Fest. 1975-6-7

While hosting the 1979 Film Commissioner's Cineposium, Win proposed creating a National Association of Film Commissioners (today it's International! The A.F.C.I.)  He also turned the Atlanta Film Fest into the Virgin Islands' Int'l Film Fest with guests like Catherine Deneuve ("Belle de Jour"), Isabelle Adjani ("Diabolique") & Roy Scheider ("Jaws").

In order to get back at Win's (Washington Representative) brother for supporting his opponent in the election, V.I. Governor Schneider, who could not touch the "Federal" brother (his real target), chose to fire (local) Win who had no grievance with him. He ripped the Film Office apart, totally gutting it of all power so it could not operate. At this point Win was in negotiation in Hollywood with Johnny Depp's "Pirates of the Caribbean" to shoot in the U.S.V.I.. Based on the photos and color brochures that Win personally hand carried to Producer Bruckheimer's Studios in Santa Monica, and knowing we had just wrapped "Christopher Columbus" in record time, Prod. Bruckheimer flew his own people down to scout the V.I. and request a meeting twice with the Governor and twice Governor Schneider refused to meet with them.

To date, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN has made One Billion Dollars worldwide!!! Gov. Schneider saw to it personally that Johnny Depp would never set foot in the V.I. and that the people of the V.I. would never get one penny of that Billion Dollars or the worldwide fame and lasting tourist promotion generated from the production. One of the all-time Top 10 Biggest ever!. Steve Bornn is doing an awesome job of putting the V.I. back on the Hollywood radar, considering he has only half the tools Win and Eric did.

45 years after Star Trek TOS... on March 3rd, 2007, a letter fell from the sky, asking Win to autograph hundreds of Trading Cards with Win's "Courtmartial" Star Trek picture on them, so they could be scattered with 150 other actors from the Original Series, throughout a big new $133 boxed set of Star Trek "Season One" episodes, said NEWSWEEK 11/26/07 pg. 94. Unfortunately it's 45 years later and someone took the liberty to arbitrarily dub Win a "Lieutenant". But at the time, Director Marc Daniels had said "You and Kirk are the same grad class, same rank, both Captains, all the men in red shirts are the crew from your Star Ship". These U.S. Cards were soon followed by European S. Trek Trading Cards featuring Win. They also copied the "Lieutenant" business demoting Win. All cards can be seen on his website.                                                                                          

Over the 160ft Cartanser Sr.
Shipwreck moved 3 miles (while still) underwater, with world's largest sea crane.


Win is back in Hollywood trying his luck, he’s appeared in 17 independent films.

He's preparing Caribbean-based features of his own, while shooting shorts. Win uploads scenes from his current film “Pussywhipped001” (a love story) to his website. He is founding his companies VIQuest & Virgin Dawn LLC, on short films that can be sent over the internet to encourage funding for their future lives as features.

Uh oh! THE TREK IS BACK! On March 20, 2011 author Marc Cushman contacted Win, he is writing "The Mother of All STAR TREK Books"! THESE ARE THE VOYAGES, 3 volumes! 900 pages about TOS! He interviewed Win about COURTMARTIAL, using him as a tour guide thru the making of that segment.

Full Story at: It's all there; plus a link to Marc's site! Marc's monster book should appear Summer or Fall 2012. Win's praying his web address will get prominent display in order to capture more traffic for his website, giving fundraising leverage to his features. The bigger the following the better the funding possibilities for his pictures which, in a sense are marketed before they are made. Let's Live long & prosper. Back to Pussywhipped001...



Win eyes friendly Intern

Oval Office; Pres. names USVI Post Office for De Lugo's cousin..Win; R rear, behind Wash. Representative. bro. ctr. (blue shirt) & his wife.

Which is the proud and which the profane?
Win (rear ctr., moustache) and his brother (R- bottle) as extras in his first movie.
The Proud and Profane '56 (W. Holden & D. Kerr).

While watching Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto" recently, I was shocked, pleased, and suprised to see the Mayans run right into the center of my 1954 painting (below).

© Win de Lugo 1954                                                                         Oil on canvas
Carib Indians
Virgin Islanders "discover" Columbus, 1493    (11ft. L-R)

© Win de Lugo 1955                                                                               Oil on wall
Just a friendly spat
Politics: Caribbean style.....any year.    (9ft. L-R)

© Win de Lugo 1969                                                                  Win's photography

Velasquez Del Mar